She was wearing overalls


I was on one of those cool double decker trains in Switzerland from Berne to Bienne one morning. Sitting across from a kind-faced older man, probably a professor. I was looking out the window when a shape caught my eye a few cars ahead of me, next to the tracks. The closer we got, I realized it was a limp human body being pulled down the hill by EMTs. I followed it with a flick of my neck as we barreled past and my head whipped back to a forward position and I locked eyes with Professor Peach. I must have had a look of utter shock on my face because he nodded slowly and pitied me with his smile. “Yes,” he said without provocation. “Are you ok?” I’ nodded. Looked at my lap. I was not ok. She was wearing overalls. It never occurred to me that someone in overalls would be lying dead on the side of the tracks on my way to school that morning.

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