S h o p p i n g


i had a successful shopping trip last week. I was by myself. And i went to three stores. All of whom said “I’m sorry ma’am, but we don’t carry that in your size.” I don’t know if you know what it is like being fat, but those are difficult words to hear.

Anyway, i made a decision before starting. I decided i am who i an right now and there is NOBODY who will take that away from me. So i decided to smile and move forward because: life.

So i went to the fourth store. They said the same thing. So i said “do you have a men’s section?” Indeed they did, so instead of ranting on facebook about the inequalities between the media’s expectations for men vs women, i just tried on a bunch of man means and found some that fit my body well. Why? Because fat and curvy men exist, too. And i bought man clothes that made my butt look nice and made my shoulders look road absolutely my waist look smaller (because: gay men) and i reapplied my lipstick and went to the coffee shop and bought a caramel macchiato (because: fuck everyone i wanted something sweet.)

[ i n d i g o ]

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